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I am Victoria, a German-British coach, consultant and disaster relief professional.

I work on small and big crises and transitions,

in the humanitarian sector, with first responders in Berlin, and in end-of-life counselling.


A bit about me

After graduating from Oxford in 2012 and a short detour into the corporate world, I began working in the humanitarian and peace & security sector, initially by running humanitarian operations in Iraq and South Sudan, later in consulting roles. So far, I have chosen and been given my fair share of transitions: spending 12 years abroad, moving almost every year, navigating career changes, personal losses, uncertainty and sometimes volatile conditions.

I am interested in how we best equip ourselves to face crisis and unknown, and how we move between places, seasons, chapters and our senses of self.

I believe in pleasure, rest, community, freedom, self-inquiry and embodiment.

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