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Burnout indicators

Work and life can sometimes become too much - but when a general sense of fatigue is matched with cynicism and inefficacy, we may be inching towards burnout.

Here are some indicators to watch out for. If you have concerns about your mental health, consult with a mental health professional.

Indicators of burnout

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Sleeping problems

  • Feeling burdened by responsibilities

  • Physical problems: headaches, colds, stomach-aches

  • Routine activities are difficult

  • Social isolation

  • Forgetfulness and lack of concentration

  • Sadness

  • Loss of interest in and motivation for work

  • Feeling detached

  • Easily irritated

  • Tiredness even when rested

  • Less efficient

  • Negative coping mechanisms: smoking, alcohol, drugs

  • Changing habits around food (eating more, or less)

  • Feeling that work is insignificant

  • Feeling unappreciated

  • Working too much and too long hours

  • Involved in personal or professional conflicts


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