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Taking care and introducing balance

What should we be looking out for when introducing a bit of balance and self-care into our lives? Below are some things to consider. What would you add? What would you remove?

  • I exercise at least three times a week

  • I have a clear cut-off at the end of my work day

  • I take time for myself to reflect, think, meditate, write

  • I have at least one day off a week

  • I do things purely for fun

  • I have an embodiment practice (breathwork, yoga, stretching etc)

  • I share how I am feeling with a person I trust

  • I get enough sleep every night

  • I eat well

  • When I am tired or sick I slow down

  • I have a creative or expressive outlet

  • I feel qualified and competent at my job

  • I have boundaries and say no

  • I take regular breaks during the day

  • I have a social network and feel integrated

  • I have goals and plans


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